When the moon goes back to the Earth: This is a new moon in 2018

When the moon goes back to the Earth: This is a new moon in 2018

A new moon is a rare phenomenon.

It is usually a bright white moon with a few small moons.

But it’s been a rare sight on Earth this year, as the moon’s orbit has moved away from Earth.

It’s been less than 24 hours since the moon went back to its normal path, so the moon is still almost two weeks away from being full.

But the moon can still have a few surprises, because this is the first time since January 20 that the moon has been full since 2024.

This year, a new full moon was spotted on September 16.

This is also the first full moon since 2020.

This means the moon was just under two weeks from becoming full.

“It’s still really exciting,” said Tim Schafer, the founder of moonbase.com, which tracks the moon and provides lunar data.

“There are so many different moons in the sky that this one was very unique.”

The moon will be full on the evening of September 18, and will remain full until December 12.

This will mark the last full moon of 2018.

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