When you want to party forever, check out the annual Night Party Source ABC News

When you want to party forever, check out the annual Night Party Source ABC News

NEW YORK — Perpetual Night Factorio is back, and it’s about to get bigger.

Perpetually night party.

The annual NightParty is an annual event at The Crown in New York City.

A night at The Queen Anne, a hotel in the city’s financial district, has long been a fixture for night revelers.

But this year, the hotel is hosting an annual Nightparty that will feature DJs, live music and live entertainment.

This year, it will be the first time since the fall of 2016 that NightParty will feature a DJ, said co-owner, DJ Lillia.

The night will be a little different than last year.

Lillia said this year’s NightParty has more of a traditional party atmosphere.

The DJ will be in the room, with an audience of about 150 people, but she said that’s just a starting point for the NightParty.

“We’ll add some more of an atmosphere to the venue this year,” she said.

This is the fourth year The Crown has hosted a NightParty, and each year has attracted a larger crowd than last.

The Queen is the largest venue in the United States and is known for its eclectic nightlife.

Last year’s party drew more than 1,200 people and was one of the most attended in the hotel’s history.

Lillio said the night will feature more DJs and live music than ever before.

She said she’s not sure what that will mean for the hotel, but said the guests will have more choices.

“There’s going to be a lot more choices to choose from this year than we’ve ever had before,” she added.

In addition to the DJs, there will be live music, food trucks, live entertainment, dance, music and much more, she said, adding that there will also be a DJ booth at the event.

“I think we’ll have a great night for our guests this year and a lot of great guests this time around,” she told ABC News.

More info: nightparty.com

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