When it comes to music, perpetual night is a perpetual night

When it comes to music, perpetual night is a perpetual night

PERPETUAL NIGHT = 1,500,000 years ago when a huge comet hurtled through the solar system.

Astronomers now believe that the impact created a night sky that was so dark it seemed to have lasted forever.

The impact was so powerful that it took about 1,000,000 hours to destroy the comet.

A few days after the comet hit, a giant hole formed in the moon’s crust that formed a permanent night sky.

Perpetual Night is the name of a song from the 1975 album, Perpetually Night.

The song, written by singer-songwriter Mike McCready, is about a night that’s been forever, when you think you’ve left the earth.

You’re right, the sky is forever.

It’s the same night you woke up in the morning, but the moon has moved, it’s gone, and there’s a new night that you wake up in every day.

Permit me to tell you something that you’ll never know about your entire life.

When you wake in the middle of the night, you’re a completely different person.

You feel completely different.

You have the ability to do whatever you want.

But what if you want to go out?

If you want something to happen, you need permission.

Permitted, I say.

But then, you realize that this is a dream.

You can’t go out.

You don’t know how to do anything.

The universe is watching you.

But it’s never going to let you go out because you’re stuck on a comet, on the edge of the universe, with nothing to do.

You’ve got to be willing to let the universe know that you’re not going anywhere.

The next time you see your neighbor in your bed, it’ll probably be your own.

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