Why Are We Still Waiting for Perpetual Night to Be Reissued?

Why Are We Still Waiting for Perpetual Night to Be Reissued?

The band’s sophomore album Perpetually Night is set to be released in 2018 on Permanent Nights label.

It was originally released on Permanent Records in the United Kingdom and on CD and vinyl on Permanent Night Records.

PerpetUAL Night was the band’s first full-length, and it debuted at number five on the UK’s Hot 100 chart.

Perseverance frontman Chris Flemming told Billboard that he wanted to release Perpetuality on Permanent for several reasons.

First, he wanted his bandmates to feel safe.

He explained that he feels Perpetuating a band’s music has a much higher impact on a person than just their music, and that he believed in the value of the band as a whole.

“In the same way that a good storyteller knows you want the story to be true and you don’t want the audience to see it as a lie, the band is a powerful tool that has the power to shape the narrative of the song,” Flemmer said.

“And if you want to hear the story, the storytellers voice is very powerful.”

“The best stories have a very strong emotional core to them, and a strong storyteur,” he continued.

“It’s what keeps the listener coming back.”

As part of the promotion, Perpetuum, the permanent night version of Perpetuated, will also be released on the permanent nights label.

The band is also working on a vinyl reissue of Perseveration.

The album will be released digitally on Permanent nights on March 15, 2018, and on permanent nights on Permanent in the UK on March 22, 2018.

Permutual Nights will feature a mix of old and new material.

The cover art, which was previously available on the band website, features Perseverant’s signature in the middle of a sunset, along with the words “Perpetual Nights,” and the date of the release.

It’s not clear if the band plans to reissue Permanent Nights in a larger format, but Permutuality’s new album is set for release on Permanent night, so fans of the original are sure to enjoy it.

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