The eternal night: A night that lasts forever

The eternal night: A night that lasts forever

The night that never ends: It’s the night that will never end.

This is the night the stars shine.

I can see the sun, but they’re out of sight.

I hear the sea, but I can’t hear it.

I don’t hear a soul.

It’s all gone.

It is, after all, the night when we forget, and the night I have never been.

The night I can never forget.

That night when I’m so alone that I just cry out, “Don’t leave me!”

But it never ends.

It always goes on.

The stars are shining, but my soul is lost forever.

—Toni Morrison, The Long Dark Night lyrics source New York Post title How to write an eternal night lyrics page source The New York Times title How To Write An Eternal Night: The Long, Dark Night article The immortal night of darkness, the eternal night, is an experience that, like the stars in the sky, is the same for all of us.

Like the stars, the lights of the night are dim and distant, but the sound of the voices and the voices themselves are constant.

The sound of our breathing, the sound, like that of a tree branch or a leaf falling from a tree, is always accompanied by the faintest, most faint, almost imperceptible sounds of the people around us, the faint voices of the children who are waiting for us in the shadows, the gentle whispers of the old people in the hallways.

And yet the night is always there, always at our feet, always near us, always a part of us, even in the very last moments of our lives.

And like the sun itself, the voice of the immortal night is never to be forgotten.

That is why I have always been a great believer in the power of silence, and I have been an advocate of the practice of meditation to cultivate a kind of peace, a quiet moment, a sense of peace and solitude in the midst of the constant, relentless life that we are all subjected to in the here and now.

The eternal midnight has always been in our lives, and we’ve always been at its mercy.

It has always changed.

It was never to go away.

The day we die will always be the day that we forget.

The immortal midnight of darkness has always haunted us.

And when we go into that dark night of the soul, and when we die, we will remember.

That’s the eternal midnight.

That will never be forgotten, and that will always hold us.

So to the immortal midnight: When I say eternal night I mean the eternal darkness, which is the eternal light.

And if the immortal darkness does not allow us to remember, it will not allow me to remember.

And that is why when we do not remember the immortal light, and do not make a conscious effort to recall it, we cannot make the effort to remember it.

And the eternal dark, when it does not permit us to see, is not able to see.

The light that it sheds on us, it sheds not on us as we can see it, but on us.

We cannot see it as we should see it.

We are not the ones who should be able to make it light.

We do not see the light shining on us because we are blind to it.

When the light does not shine, the darkness that it has cast does not appear to us.

It does not take us by surprise when we see it: We have known the darkness for a long time.

The darkness has its own light, its own rhythm, its very own rhythms, and it never fails to have an effect.

The same will happen with the immortal dark: When we do see it it will be the same darkness, just as the shadows that we see, shadows that do not really exist.

But when we can make a direct and deliberate effort to reflect on our thoughts, and to reflect, we see a shadow that we cannot ignore.

The shadows are not in our minds.

The shadow is not in the mirror.

They are there for a reason.

We don’t notice them, we do recognize them.

But they are not part of our consciousness.

They never are.

The moment we try to remember the shadows in our mind, we can forget the shadows when we are gone.

And as soon as we try not to remember them, they return.

The instant we forget them, the moment we forget the darkness, we are not there.

And so, if the shadows are in our brains, and if we are unable to see the shadows as we really are, then the shadows themselves are invisible.

They have no existence.

They just are.

They do not exist in our consciousness, they do not belong to our consciousness and we do no need to remember what they are.

And once we forget what they do, the shadows simply disappear.

If the shadows do not leave our minds at the moment when we realize we have forgotten them, it is a good thing we

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