What is a perpetual night and how do you know it’s there?

What is a perpetual night and how do you know it’s there?

The idea of a perpetual darkness has been around for centuries.

It comes from the Roman myth of the immortal soul who, after being cast into the sea, went into a perpetual sleep.

Perpetual nights are also common in the Greek myths, where the hero, Persephone, was once trapped by a giant snake who made her sleep forever.

And the idea of the perpetual night is well-known to science.

In a recent article, The New York Times explained that it has a long history in physics and chemistry.

We know that certain periodic events are more or less permanent in the universe, like the creation of the universe or the growth of stars.

And we know that these periodicities can be modified, with varying degrees of regularity.

“If you have a periodic motion, you can change the frequency of the periodic motion,” said physicist and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, a physicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

“But if you have an event that’s a little bit more erratic, that’s not going to last forever.”

Perpetually dimming or permanently dimming is another common phenomenon.

A phenomenon called “permanent” dimming has been described as “a phenomenon that occurs in all of nature, including us,” according to Hawking.

“If I had a dimmer light source and I was sitting there in front of the television, I could dim the TV,” he said.

But if I were sitting behind a dimmed TV, I’d get a different effect, he said, like a flickering light that goes on and off for about a second.

Theoretically, a perpetual dark would mean a black hole would be able to emit no light at all.

But Hawking said the idea is more theoretical.

Hawking said that’s because there’s no way to measure a black-hole’s mass.

If you measured that, you’d know it was a blackhole.

So what would you expect?

Hawking said he’d expect it to have a black mass, because that would mean the black hole is a big black hole with a huge radius.

As it turns out, Hawking’s calculations are spot on.

What Hawking doesn’t have an explanation for is why the universe is perpetual.

One theory is that the universe just doesn’t want to be infinite.

Hawking said if it could be infinite, it wouldn’t need a dark and permanent night.

Other theories have suggested that the black holes at the center of our universe are just a little too massive to allow a perpetual nighttime.

Hawking has been trying to figure out how to reconcile those theories.

If we do eventually find that there’s something in the quantum vacuum that we can measure, then we might have something to look forward to, Hawking said.

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