Which artists are the best at writing timeless, timeless songs?

Which artists are the best at writing timeless, timeless songs?

Perpetual Nights lyrics and night time lyrics are just as timeless as day, night, and daytime lyrics, and we can’t imagine that any song will live for ever without them.

The same goes for Perpetually Night Times.

And while it’s difficult to name every song ever written in the past year, there are a few that will remain with us for ever.

Here’s a list of every song that was written in a certain year, and how many there are in total.

We are not talking about songs that have been written just over a year or two ago, as this list isn’t particularly comprehensive.

But we do have some great ones that have never been sung in their entirety, such as “Dance Like A Virgin” by Beyonce, which is the title of her 2016 single.

Also, here’s “Boys Don’t Cry,” from 2010.

Here are some other great songs that were written in 2017 or earlier: “Till It Happens to You,” by Frank Ocean, “Sugar Daddy,” by Bruno Mars, “The Hills,” by Ariana Grande, “I Feel Good,” by The Killers, “Get It Together,” by Lil Uzi Vert, and many others.

If you know any other timeless songs, let us know in the comments section below.

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