Google to ban all online searches on ‘paedophilia’ on ‘all sites’ – UK media

Google is to stop all online search on ‘pedophilia,’ an umbrella term used by anti-paedophile campaigners to describe the sexual preferences and practices of some men, including some in the media.

The move follows a complaint by a British man whose website, ‘The Paedophile’s Guide to the Web,’ contained links to a section titled ‘Paedophiles: All Sites,’ which contained a number of adult-oriented content, including videos and images of child pornography.

The UK government is seeking comments on a proposal to introduce a bill to ban search terms on ‘child pornography,’ ‘pornography of children,’ ‘child sex tourism,’ and ‘possession of child sex toys,’ the Guardian reports.

Google has been a major target of the anti-pedophile movement, which has campaigned against its use of Google search, with activists saying it’s one of the most powerful platforms in the world for the spread of pedophilia.

The company says that the company has taken a number steps to combat the phenomenon, including developing an “anti-pornographic filter” and a tool to detect child porn on its network.

Google said that the changes will be effective immediately and that it would continue to take action to protect children and children’s rights, according to the BBC.

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