‘I don’t want to die’: The new song by Perpetual Nights – The Jerusalem Night

‘I don’t want to die’: The new song by Perpetual Nights – The Jerusalem Night

The Jerusalem night is back, and it’s time for a new tune.

The group has just released a new song titled “I don’s,” a song about the day that a member of the band, Perpetually Nights, was tragically killed in an attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

The new tune will be released in full on the band’s website, PerPetual Nights.

The song’s lyrics speak about the need to continue, “The day is here, I don’t wanna die, I want to live forever.”

The song is about how the world has changed since the war between Israel and the Palestinians, and how Palestinians have always been able to come together, “I can’t go back to the old times,” Perpetally Nights sings.

“I want to go to the future, I’m the one that can make it happen, I can’t wait anymore.”

The new lyrics reflect the band and the Palestinian community’s continued struggle for equality and justice.

“This is a time when we cannot be silent anymore, because we have to do something about this,” PerPetually Nights says in the song.

“When the Palestinian people are treated like the lowest of the low, we can’t sit in silence.

We have to speak up and we have the right to be heard.”

The group’s website says, “We don’t know if we will live long enough to see the dawn of a new era of peace and progress for the Palestinian cause.

We are here today because we are Palestinians and Palestinians are here for Palestine, not for Israel.

We believe in peace, not war.

We fight for justice and equality, but we don’t fight for our right to live and to be respected in Israel.”

The Perpetively Nights will be releasing their new song, “In the Jerusalem Night,” on their official Bandcamp page.

Perpetantly Nights are a Palestinian-led band from Hebron who formed in 2013, and released their first EP, “No Mercy,” in April 2015.

Their first full-length, “Rise,” was released in May 2015, and they followed that with a third EP, “‘The Moment of the Night,'” in December 2015.

The trio also released their fourth album, “Wake Up,” in June 2016.

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