‘It’s not an apology’: President Trump tweets over his wife’s health

‘It’s not an apology’: President Trump tweets over his wife’s health

The President tweeted Tuesday that his wife is in good health and he will not apologize for her.

The tweet was his first since the White House released a statement Tuesday saying the President would not apologize over the incident.

“While I understand that it is difficult for our family to have to share the details of this tragic event with you, I have decided not to,” Trump wrote.

“My wife, Karen, is doing great, and her health is 100%!”

He added that his family and friends “will continue to grieve with us and with everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.”

In the same statement, the White Senate said, “We ask that the President not comment on this matter or any other aspect of his family’s health.”

The President is now in the midst of a three-week vacation that will allow him to recover from his bout with pneumonia.

The White House also said that he had a conversation with his physician earlier Tuesday, but he did not address the issue of his wife.

According to the WhiteHouse.gov, the President will remain at Mar-a-Lago until March 17.

President Donald Trump, left, and his wife, Melania Trump, center, attend a memorial service for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, June 26, 2024.

Melania Trump speaks to reporters during a White House meeting on Thursday, June 27, 2024, as she arrives for a tour of the White Houses grounds.

Trump is scheduled to return to Washington on Friday for the annual Congressional Black Caucus luncheon.

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