The Trump presidency is like a rollercoaster

The Trump presidency is like a rollercoaster

The rollercoast Trump presidency has been a ride of ups and downs and some very bad news, but there’s no telling what’s in store for the future.

Here are five takeaways from the first few weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency.


Trump Is the Worst President Ever Written by Jim Acosta Jim Acostas first-person report of his time covering the White House.

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The Real Deal The Real Deals The Trump administration has been in chaos and upheaval since his inauguration in January.

Trump’s most recent White House speech was a complete disaster and left him in the middle of a crisis with Congress.

The president’s legislative agenda has stalled.

The White House has been unable to negotiate with Democrats over his healthcare plan, and the economy continues to be a drag on the White, which is why the president is still running low on supporters and has spent most of the past month trying to convince Republicans to stay on his side.

But the Trump administration’s worst-case scenario has been averted.

Trump has won the presidency.


Trump Can’t Be Trusted Trump has been the most divisive president in recent memory, and it’s not hard to see why.

Trump often seems to have no sense of his own political identity or the political realities of Washington, D.C. Even his top lieutenants are no longer in the Trump orbit, and Trump’s relationship with the media has become increasingly fraught.

Trump is now seen as the least trusted person in Washington, and even his own cabinet seems unable to work with him.

The real story is Trump is the worst president ever.


Trump Has Been Tried, Yet Still Doesn’t Have A Plan What can the Trump presidency do for the country?

Trump’s approach to governing has been largely one of trying to make it work, to get his agenda through and, if he can, get a better deal for America.

But Trump is facing the greatest challenge of his presidency: The failure to have a coherent plan to solve the country’s problems.

Trump himself has expressed a desire to work on a more inclusive vision for the nation, but he’s never been able to articulate a coherent strategy.

Trump says he’ll try to find some way to solve all of our problems in the coming weeks, but his plan has never been clear or specific.

The only way to do it is to work together.


The President Has Been A Disaster For So Long, But He’s Still Popular Even as his approval rating has dropped to about 40 percent, Trump still enjoys a majority of Americans who support him.

Trump also enjoys a wide support base among Republican voters.

More than half of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, and he enjoys a comfortable lead in the polls with independents.

That’s good news for Republicans in Congress, who have struggled to enact Trump’s agenda.

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