How Trump’s latest offensive tweet became a meme

How Trump’s latest offensive tweet became a meme

The President of the United States has used his daily Twitter feed to tweet an offensive tweet about a woman’s appearance.

The President of The United States tweeted on Monday that he thought it was a nice woman’s turn to go to the bathroom.

The tweet has since been retweeted more than 500,000 times, with many commenters praising the President for his tweet.

The women’s rights advocate and civil rights icon Gloria Steinem also responded to the President’s tweets.

The tweets, which were posted on Monday afternoon, were accompanied by a picture of the actress.

Steinem told the Today show on Wednesday that she was shocked by the President who “liked” the picture and shared it on social media.

“What a disgrace,” Steinem said.

“I thought the tweet was funny, and I think that is exactly what he said.

I don’t know how he knows so many people.

I was shocked.”

The President has been tweeting about the appearance of Gloria Steiner since late last week, when he shared the photo on his Twitter account.

“You know that Gloria Steinella has a beautiful face,” Trump wrote.

“And her breasts are amazing.

#Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.””

Beauty and brains.

And beauty in the eyes of a good woman,” he added.

Steiner responded by posting a series of pictures of herself.

The actress, who is known for her roles in films including the 1989 movie, said in a statement that she “deeply respects” the President and “he is a great person who cares about all people”.

“I have always admired and admired Gloria Steiner and her courage, her strength and her ability to inspire others,” she said.

The White House has denied the President was trying to push a political agenda and that the President had not been asked to delete the tweet.

In a tweet sent on Wednesday afternoon, the White House said that the tweet did not come from the President, and that he had never said that it was an example of his political agenda.

The statement read: “In no way does the President have, nor is he suggesting, that Gloria is the ‘Queen of the Bathroom’, or that he would do anything about any of her accomplishments.”

The photo appeared in the president’s Twitter feed on Monday, shortly after the President tweeted that he “likes” the image.

The photo had already gone viral on Twitter and Facebook before being retweeted by Steinem.

Stein, who has been critical of Trump in the past, also commented on the President on Wednesday.

“The President is not only disrespecting the women who work for him, he is disrespecting our country,” she wrote.

“He’s insulting and demeaning women all over the world.

He’s degrading and misogynistic, and the more he disrespects women, the more we must stand up to him.

I hope everyone can see that this is a dangerous and ugly leader.”

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